Sunday, October 12, 2014

Define siblings

Oh bless their hearts! These two are either best friends or worst enimies. And it usually switches between the two in a matter of seconds, several times a day. But when they are playing nice they are like two peas in a pod. Korlen has his own special individual relationship with each of them, but the relationship they have with each other is just too fun! Recently Evelett has been obsessed with holding Tahlae's hand and she will follow him around holding her hand out for him saying "hand hand" he actually doesn't really like this but sometimes he relents to appease her and I LOVE when he does. 
I mean how cute is that! They walk along and she will stop him to look at the bugs or dandelions or whatever which is perfect for him because he is THE BIGGEST slow poke I know being the epitome of stopping to smell the roses! Not a day goes by that he doesn't bring me the most random, simple thing like a rock or a leaf that he has found  to be a treasure. So because of this they bond over random beauty of this world most of us would overlook lol

I made the realization the other day that I always give Korlen charge or responsibility over Tahlae and Evelett and ask him to do things for them and because of that it seems that their relationship is so much better. I gave Korlen the task of being the "big brother"but when Evelett came along I did not give the opportunity to Tahlae. Now that Korlen is in school more and away from the house I have given Tahlae more opportunities to be the "big brother" or "big man" to Evelett I have seen a huge difference! Now that he has a responsibility to his little sister he is so much more patient and kind.he loves and serves everyone so much better. And I realize that all he needed was the opportunity! And because I gave him when he has flourished!
This is him helping Evelett say her prayers.I caught them like this one day out of the blue moments like these warm my heart!

 Best of friends & worst enemies..... I think that is the definition of siblings... 

Friday, September 12, 2014

time to get back at it...

I really need to get back to the swing of blogging... I mean its just the greatest right. well here is my new start.... lets see if i can make it happen lol

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pink is my favorite color

That's right!!!!! Pink it is! It's a girl!!!!

What am I going to do with a girl! I'm going to go crazy that's what... I feel I'll get a little carried away with the clothes and shoes and especially accessories but can you blame me? It's finally no more blue and time for Pink!! Besides everyone else is going to spoil her I might as well join in on the fun! If ya can't beat em join em!

I am completely overcome with excitement!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby # 3

I'm ready to die!!! Ok not exactly actually now into week 12 I am starting to feel better... But up until now death was very much a consideration of mine!

This one was a total SUPRISE which makes Tahlae my favorite since he was the only planned child! I have been really sick but not near as bad as the first two... Haven't had to take any trips to the hospital for iv's with this one! And I have had an outpouring of love and support and service! For a while I had a different neighbor coming to my house everyday to help get my kids fed and dressed and then sometimes took them home with them to play. At least once a week someone came over to help clean the house and help with the laundry! We've had several dinners brought in as well! Lots and lots and lots of love and support!

And then there's my husband! I honestly don't know what planet this man has come from! He is my rock my best friend and more recently my nurse and house maid as well. He has been working a lot. Over 50 hrs a week some weeks 12 hr days most days. He starts his days bringing me breakfast in bed because he knows I've gone all night without food and that's usually what makes me so sick in the morning. Then he goes to work and works like a dog. As soon as he gets home he cleans the kitchen, makes dinner, feeds the kids, cleans up dinner, helps straighten up the toys, starts a load of laundry, gets the kids ready for bed, puts them to bed makes me something else to eats again, finishes the laundry puts me to bed finally goes to sleep , gets up with the kids the two times they get up, then starts all over again at 5:20 am the next day! I love him I don't know what else to say about it! He is amazing!

Life goes on I'll get a little better and a lot bigger and I'll keep you posted ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Money money money money! (sing it it sounds better with a tune)

So recently u felt Korlen needed the opportunity to start understanding money and buying things with money. There is so much to be said about this too! First off he learns hard work and patience. His task was to throw away dirty diapers. I didn't want to pay him for chores such as cleaning up toys. Things he should be going anyways and not rewarded for except for the joy in his heart I know all 3 yr olds get when they clean up their shiz! He also had to wait till little by little he got more money. I mean we go through a lot of diapers but it still takes time to add up. Then there's self respect and pride because he himself accomplished this. And gets to choose his reward. And then of course everything that comes along with understanding that the whole world runs off money and money runs off the work you do. And it you don't have enough money well tough crap! Right? Anyways he finally got enough for a shopping trip and I was brilliant enough to document these precious moments so they will never be forgotten! He wanted a snottrod and a wingo and a boost car from the cars movie. Walmart didn't have any but he took it in stride and decided on a Francesco instead. Poor kid got ripped off because the one car was almost$8! Freaking Crazy! But anyways here are the fun photos. He was excited I was pleased and he's saving up more money to do it again. I'll never have to throw away a diaper again! Whoohoo!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Momma didn't raise no fool!

So I think Tahlae has motion sickness. The last two times we have traveled to st george he has projectile vomited all over the place! Über nasty! This last time most of it got all over his brand new car seat. And since he had been drinking milk the whole way down im sure you can just imagine what it was he threw up! The smell was atrocious! Anyways it needed to be cleaned and I figured I'd clean korlens 2 yr old car seat as well! This morning I got them put back on in the living room an the boys thought it was so funny to have their car seats in the house they insisted on being strapped in. And after that I insisted that I had forgotten how to unbuckle them! Needless to say! I got A LOT done this morning! Genius? Well yes I guess so!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

To nap or not to nap that is the question

Oh dear saints per service this learning never ends now does it. Once you get comfortable with one schedule your child up and changes and you must start all over again. And let's not even get started on figuring out the differences from one child to another!

Korlen, now 3, is going to be the death of me. Honestly the day he turned 3 my life changed! He instantly turned into a very defiant child! What is with this sudden challenge in/with authority! One day he was the most obedient child that I actually barged about the next he woke up, was officially 3, and is a different person lol!

With that said let turn to the issue at hand! NAPS! I mean really does it have to be so complicated. Here are my options. No naps means I don't get to nap either and I have to spend the entire day with him ( I'm sure that makes me sound like a terrible person but honestly every waking moment with one person let a lone a toddler that only wants to push my buttons is a little more then I can swallow at tis current point in my life) also if he doesn't have a nap he starts whining/ crying around 5:30 pm and doesn't stop till he's asleep! After spending the whole day with him fallowing me around anyways him now crying non stop for every little thing especially the fact that I'm not holding him puts me over the top. Only upside. He goes to bed early and when I put him down he stays there. Let now examine the other end of the spectrum and my only other option.
Nap time: he's really good when I put him down to stay in his bed and goes I sleep for maybe an hr. oh and sweet serenity! That he is just what I need to get through my day! Both he and Tahlae sleep at the same time so awesome for me I get a little me time! SO WORTH IT! Till night fall! We put him to bed around 8:30 usually closer to 9 and an hr and a half later at 10 when we're going to bed we have already put him back in his bed 4 times, taken him potty once, gotten him a drink, sang him 3 songs, and are about to loose our minds! And he's still not asleep! Granted this doesn't happen every single day! But man alive I'm about to loose it!
Is it honestly too much to ask for an hr during the day to just be me and just "do me" and an hr at night to have a little adult time with my husband! I'm not even asking in a sexual way but a way in which I can start and finish a conversation with him in which I don't have to be stopped 4 times to attend to kids! Sheesh!
So this is my temporary solution test sequence. I shall nap this little stinker every other day and hopefully this shall solve my present dilemma! I will keep you posted! Pray for me and pray for kor but mostly pray for me!